206/OH-58 Tail Rotor Blade

Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick

VHA’s 206/OH-58 tail rotor blade

If noise is a concern in your neighborhood, fly neighborly with VHA tail rotor blades. VHA’s composite 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades can lower the overall aircraft noise by up to 40%, according to FAA-approved acoustics testing. The noise reduction comes from a thinner NASA-designed laminar flow airfoil and shaped tip that cut through the air more efficiently than previous designs.

The VHA 206/OH-58 blades also produce more tail rotor authority, especially at higher altitudes, giving your pilot more control when it’s needed most. A titanium root fitting and stainless steel pitch bearings provide more strength and durability at the root/hub connection.

VHA composite tail Rotor blades on the DBS Helicopters’ 206L4 LongRanger in 2012. Photo by Dan Megna.


  • FAA STC/PMA certification for most 206/OH-58 models (see model list below)
  • Transport Canada, EASA and Brazilian STC’s for 206B3/L series
  • 5,000-hr service life (double the life of the OEM blade)
  • Additional lift capability for 206L series (see FMS for each model on Documents page)
  • Efficient NASA RC(4)-10 laminar flow airfoil
  • Composite corrosion-resistant construction: carbon fiber skin, foam core, titanium root fitting
  • Electroformed nickel abrasion strip delays erosion effects
  • 40% reduction in overall aircraft noise
  • 15% reduction in centrifugal force resulting in reduced pedal forces
  • No new equipment needed for installation, tracking or balancing
  • Stainless steel pitch bearings minimize unscheduled field maintenance occurrences
  • Lightning protection mesh
  • Tail rotor diameter and chord same as OEM blade
  • Weight 10-20 grams lighter than OEM blade
  • Thickness .101 in (.26 cm) thinner than OEM blade

Part Number, Pricing and Warranty Information

The VHA 206/OH-58 blade is available  exclusively through Aeronautical Accessories.

  • Aeronautical Accessories Part Number 2062200-301 (three-stripe blade)
  • Replaces Bell part number 206-016-201-131
  • List price: Contact Aeronautical Accessories
  • Three-year/1,500 flight-hour warranty against manufacturing and material defects (excludes bearing replacement and damage to erosion)

Models Available

VHA composite tail rotor blades are certified for installation on the 206/OH-58 models listed below.

NOTE: To download the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Approved Model List (AML) or Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for your helicopter model, please visit our Documents page.


  • 206B3
  • 206L1
  • 206L3
  • 206L4
  • OH-58A+/C Arrow Falcon
  • OH-58A+/C Rotorcraft Development
  • OH-58A+/C San Joaquin Helicopters

Transport Canada STC SH10-22: 206B3, 206L series
EASA STC 10039278: 206B3, 206L series
Brazil STC 2012S09-07: 206B3, 206L series
Japan STC-434: 206B3 only